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Lisa Rovella ATHLETE spotlight Lisa Rovella “I am fairly new to competing having started Sept. ‘07 in natural mixed pairs with my husband. I had started following the Parrillo lifestyle in ‘06 with the goal of competing. We won 1st place and I was hooked. I did feel that it was all for nothing, you diet and train and train; get up on stage for 90 seconds and you’re done. This made me look at Ms. Fitness USA. They get on stage three times, now that is more like it! So we went to Vegas in ‘07 to watch the...

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Adah began working out at the gym at age 50, when she stopped the excuses and just went for it. Now she loves working out and loves who and what she’s becoming. “At a height of 5’7”, I have gone from a weight of 175 120 lbs. of “lean” muscle. I started by winning a gold medal in weightlifting at the Senior Olmpics 2004, I then participated in three major figure competitions, placing in two, United States Natural July 2007, Las Vegas Classic Nov. 2007.” She then went on to win 2nd place Grand Masters Figure at the United...

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