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Mike Grant 2009: New & Improved!

“You got to eat the right foods – it’s as simple as that. You got to put the right fuel into your body.” If there was such a thing as a Parrillo Army, Mike Grant would be a Drill Instructor. Mike is a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer and has appeared repeatedly in this magazine for good reason: he started off at a high level (when we first got to know him) and he has consistently gotten better as he has gotten older. He exemplifies the classical bodybuilder lifestyle and by any benchmark Mike Grant is “the real deal.” Mike has...

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What Separates Parrillo from the Rest of the Pack? > Let us count the ways!

Calipers Bodybuilding is the art and science of altering the human body. To be successful, the bodybuilder needs to find a system, a method of training and nutrition that enables him or her to accomplish two things: add more muscle and reduce body fat. Within the world of bodybuilding and fitness, “experts” abound and each and every one has a different tactical approach on how best to morph the body from what it is – fat and flaccid or skinny and needing muscle – into what the client/student wants it to be: more muscular and fat free. Experts seek ways...

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Ron Harris > The Power of Focus

Ron Bicep Curls Old Man Winter is one miserable S.O.B, I tell ya. On the last weekend before Christmas the bitter New England skies had opened up and dumped well over a foot of snow on us, just when I thought I might be able to escape off to my vacation on a cruise ship without having to deal with backbreaking hours of shoveling. As a kid I used to go ballistic with joy whenever it snowed. That was years before I had to do anything but sled down hills on it and make snowmen. Now my reaction had drastically...

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Tracie Euker > Winning Figure Competitions at 41!

The amazing story of how a career schoolteacher & mother of two went from ‘skinny-fat’ to winning Figure competitions at age 41! A few short years ago Tracie Euker was the very definition of “normal” in the best sense of the word. An Elementary art teacher in Sullivan County, New York, Tracie had taught school for fifteen years. Happily married and the mother of two beautiful children, at age 39, normal Tracie suddenly developed an Tracie Euker urge to join a gym and immerse herself in fitness. Which was odd for normal Tracie; other than a brief fling with aerobics...

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