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Great Cardio Mr. Steele, I am a bodybuilder who competes. I am looking for ways to move up the competitive ladder. I am twenty-one years old, weigh 165 in the off-season and compete weighing 150, give or take a few pounds. The problem is that I am 6 feet tall and when I step onstage I look like a basketball player. I tower over my competitors. I know I need to gain weight but I cannot gain no matter what I do. I eat a lot of fruit and raw vegetables during the day because they don’t need to be...

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The Parrillo Choc-o-holic Diet…Flat Flyes…Midget Chi-com Commie Racism

Dumbbells Hello Iron Vic, I am a 44 year old mother of three and a longtime fitness fanatic. I am 5-4, I weigh 145 pounds and would really like to drop 20 pounds of fat. I enjoy weight training and can bench press my bodyweight. I have no problem with cardio. I jog on my treadmill every day while watching the TV news. What messes me up is sweets. I love chocolate! I don’t drink or smoke and other than eating sweets I eat pretty “clean” to use your word. My problem is I am absolutely addicted to chocolate. I...

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Sissy and Hitler teach the worst exercises of all time…My most loved exercise…Mass without sacrificing speed

Free Weights Hello Vic, What weight training exercises do you consider worthless? I have a few candidates of my own. It blows my mind when I go to the local gym and see the ridiculous exercises that Personal Trainers are teaching trainees. I won’t even bring up the ridiculous Swiss Ball exercises, or the latest “off balance” exercises. What is up with this new breed of personal trainer? Thor, Arlington Thor has to be one of the greatest Iron Man names ever….Hell Thor, all exercises, even the good ones, are worthless if they’re done incorrectly. I have a client that...

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Have we “peaked” as a species?...Timeless Supplements…My Ideal Woman…Santana Hanna sighting?

Liver Amino Hello Old Timer! Have you noticed how few world records fell at the Olympics in track and field and weightlifting? I know Asa Bolt tore it up, but other than him it was pretty sparse. The German who won the heavyweight weightlifting gold medal clean & jerked roughly the same as Vasily Alexev did in 1976! The lighter weightlifter guys are doing better – but I think that is attributable to the huge influx of Chinese lifters…in wartime the Chinese have always used the ‘human wave’ tactic and in sport they seem to be doing the same thing....

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