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Mike Grant 2009: New & Improved!

“You got to eat the right foods – it’s as simple as that. You got to put the right fuel into your body.” If there was such a thing as a Parrillo Army, Mike Grant would be a Drill Instructor. Mike is a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer and has appeared repeatedly in this magazine for good reason: he started off at a high level (when we first got to know him) and he has consistently gotten better as he has gotten older. He exemplifies the classical bodybuilder lifestyle and by any benchmark Mike Grant is “the real deal.” Mike has...

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Back on the Wagon: My 2-Day Undo Diet

Veggies If you’re like millions of Americans right now, you indulged over the holidays – and that’s okay and that’s normal. You probably don’t even have to jump on the scales to confirm that you’re heavier. A quick look inmirror says it all: yes, you look bloated. But hold on. Don’t throw in the towel yet. With the holidays over, you can start again with a clean slate and get your momentum going with my 2-Day Undo Diet. Start it on Monday and continue on Tuesday. It will re-energize you, help flush out salt and processed sugar, leave you feeling...

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What Separates Parrillo from the Rest of the Pack? > Let us count the ways!

Calipers Bodybuilding is the art and science of altering the human body. To be successful, the bodybuilder needs to find a system, a method of training and nutrition that enables him or her to accomplish two things: add more muscle and reduce body fat. Within the world of bodybuilding and fitness, “experts” abound and each and every one has a different tactical approach on how best to morph the body from what it is – fat and flaccid or skinny and needing muscle – into what the client/student wants it to be: more muscular and fat free. Experts seek ways...

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Pretend Cardio vs. Parrillo Cardio

Parrillo Cardio Intense Cardio, Mitochondria & Max Endurance Formula™! By Andre Newcomb Pretend Aerobics: See if this sounds familiar: you are riding along in your car on a busy highway and here comes a jogger trotting towards you alongside the roadway heading in the opposite direction. The runner runs a few feet away from oncoming automobiles, like a matador, inches away from being run over by some spaced-out, drunk or high-on-meth motorist. You see these “highway runners” all the time and until recently I used to ponder why these people insisted on running alongside the busy highway, sucking in filthy...

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